April 2014

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Appleseed Event Featured Two Justice Legends Who Are Still Fighting, Opening Eyes

I had the great pleasure today of attending theĀ Alabama Appleseed Brewer-Torbert Awards Luncheon. What an inspiring event!
This year’s award was presented to Fred Gray, a legendary civil rights attorney and icon. Mr. Gray grew up in Alabama during some of its darkest days of racial segregation and discrimination. As he put it during his remarks today, he wasn’t someone who always wanted to be a lawyer. “There were two professions in Alabama for a little black boy to grow up and go into,” he said: “You could be a preacher, or you could be a teacher. I decided to be both.” Mr. Gray did become both, and then he returned to Alabama to teach. But what he saw every day prodded him to do even more. Seeing black Alabamians mistreated as he rode the bus, Mr. Gray said he made a secret pledge to become a lawyer, then return to Alabama and destroy every segregated thing he could find. And he did! (more…)