October 2012

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So, it is almost Pro Bono Week – the annual celebration of what so many of us do as a part of our day to day practices.  We try to help.  We try to stem the tide of injustice.  Sometimes, we get pretty tired.  Frankly, right now I’m exhausted, and Pro Bono Week hasn’t even arrived yet.  But even so, I’m very glad to take part in Pro Bono Week, and I’m excited about it.  There are so many lawyers who give selflessly every day but are seldom recognized for their service.  They deserve to be recognized.  And they deserve to have more of their fellow lawyers step up to help shoulder the burden.  So much need – even if every single one of us pitched in, there would still be more need.  But for this one week, let’s honor those who serve, and encourage others to join the fray. (more…)