December 2011

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A recent article related to Pro Bono Week in Alabama stated that Alabama’s 16,000 attorneys donated about 13,000 hours of pro bono legal work to the State’s Volunteer Lawyer Programs during 2010. While there were undoubtedly some additional pro bono hours donated outside the VLP structure (which is the only way Alabama has to measure pro bono work among its attorneys), VLP work was likely the bulk of pro bono legal work done that year. During the same period, Baker Donelson’s attorneys (about 550 at the time) also devoted about 13,000 hours to pro bono work. While I am insanely proud of Baker Donelson’s attorneys and their commitment to pro bono, I don’t believe for a moment that this is because we are so much more altruistic than the average member of the Alabama State Bar. Instead, I’m confident that it is because we are working hard to make sure that a wide variety of well-organized options for pro bono involvement are available to our attorneys. (more…)