November 2011

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As many people do at Thanksgiving time, I try to reflect on the things for which I am thankful. Some years it is harder than others – struggling with the problems of ailing, elderly parents and in-laws can get you down, and the sadness and exhaustion of it begins to creep into every other aspect of your life (to the extent you get to have other aspects of your life). It’s good to re-focus on the things I really can be thankful for, and a pretty good list of them come from pro bono: (more…)

A very exciting day for our New Orleans attorneys, Erin Pelleteri, Brandy Sheely and Monica Frois! After a frustrating remand and a long wait, a Baton Rouge court has ruled that the permit that allowed Tony, a Siberian-Bengal Tiger, to be displayed in a roadside cage at a truck stop must be revoked and cannot be reissued. The ruling means that Tony could soon be on his way to a new home at a wildlife sanctuary, where he can enjoy a more natural environment, freedom to roam, and fresh air. What an amazing transformation this will be for Tony, after more than a decade of pacing back and forth in a cage while breathing exhaust fumes and being gawked at by tourists. (more…)