September 2011

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Last week I had the opportunity to participate in a Baker Donelson Leadership Academy retreat. I was very happy to have been invited to attend – from my perspective, being deemed a firm leader can only mean good things about the firm’s view of our pro bono program! Now that I have actually gotten immersed in the program, which is ongoing, I feel even more fortunate to be included. What an eye-opening experience! (more…)

Over the last couple of years, some state Supreme Courts and bar associations have experimented with steps to increase their members’ participation in pro bono representation. The Mississippi Supreme Court even announced the proposed adoption of a mandatory pro bono requirement that would have been the first of its kind. That proposal was met with a barrage of protest and criticism and, at least for now, appears to be on the back burner. (more…)

Today I had the pleasure of making a presentation about Baker Donelson’s pro bono program at our annual new associate orientation. It’s so great to talk about pro bono to a group of people who are really receptive and eager to get involved. Several of the new associates asked afterward for details about particular pro bono projects in which the firm is involved, like the HELP program for the homeless and the Baker Donelson Non-Profit Institute that provides board training and document reviews and updates for community and charitable non-profits. I expect I will be busy for a while now helping these new lawyers get connected with pro bono organizations and opportunities that appeal to them. (more…)

Sometimes I worry that people who walk by my office on the rare occasion that I’m actually in there must think I am either semi-comatose or secretly playing computer solitaire. If I am at my desk, there’s a decent chance I’m pondering. (I once knew a lawyer whose time entries on client invoices actually said things like “early morning reflections,” or “brainstorming,” but that’s another story.) Frankly there are quite a few constantly turning hamster wheels in my head as I continually think about how to improve this or that aspect of Baker Donelson’s pro bono practice or to solve one of those nagging problems that every pro bono practice or program faces. As Paul Simon observed back when he and I were both young, “it’s a wonder I can think at all.” As my husband observed as recently as last week, “seriously – you really forgot to put out the recycling again?” (more…)