August 2011

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I recently spent time talking to some of our attorneys one on one, asking them to take on pro bono cases from a volunteer lawyer program. The VLP had a huge backlog of low income clients in need of help, and as I visited attorneys’ offices I explained that the cases mostly fell into three categories: divorce and family law, probate matters and adoptions. Two of the attorneys to whom I spoke looked puzzled, and asked the same question – why would a low income person be adopting a child? (more…)

In the Spring of 2010, Caldwell Collins and Courtney Smith, both associates in Baker Donelson’s Nashville office, conceived and pursued an idea to found a program that would partner our attorneys with those suffering from domestic violence to provide them with pro bono legal services. They put together a detailed plan for how to make that a reality, and presented their plan to our Women’s Initiative and Pro Bono Committees. They then coordinated a kick-off event where the firm hosted a self-defense class and announced the program, and coordinated a training program for attorneys who wanted to participate. (more…)