May 2011

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Pro bono work is nearly always rewarding (in the truest sense), but the joy of helping someone in need is also often tinged with sadness at the client’s plight. Often we are able to solve one part of the client’s situation, maybe even a major part, but overall life circumstances remain difficult. It’s not often we get to savor the sheer enjoyment of freeing a client from a life of confinement and mistreatment. Even less often is that client a Siberian tiger named Tony . . . . (more…)

Attorneys and Justice Organizations Mobilize to Help Tornado Victims


One of many homes in the Birmingham area that were destroyed by a tornado.

Yesterday, I listened to a radio interview of a presidential hopeful who was bemoaning the evils of government spending and intervention on all levels. While there are certainly arguments to be made on both sides of that debate, in general, what struck a nerve with me were his comments about disaster relief. The would-be candidate remarked that people who “choose” to live in disaster-prone areas should build safe houses and buy insurance, and that the government should not help them when natural disasters strike. He even compared living in “tornado alley” to having a beach home – something he is able to relate to, I suppose. (more…)