January 2011

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On Thursday, January 20, Baker Donelson attorney Erin Reeves, who practices in the securities and corporate governance area, joined John Tanner, Senior Vice President and Division Counsel for McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Inc. to present “What You Need To Know About D&O: A Practical Guide To Directors & Officers Insurance For Non-Profit Organizations.” The seminar, sponsored by thePro Bono Partnership of Atlanta, provided the ins and outs of what directors & officers liability insurance means to nonprofit organizations. Reeves and Tanner covered topics including the protections afforded to directors and officers under the law through indemnification and other avenues, and the benefits of obtaining directors and officers insurance, as well as explaining important aspects of such insurance policies. The program, which is now available as a webcast for online viewing, serves as a primer on directors and officers insurance for boards of directors and management of nonprofit organizations, and assists boards of directors and management in deciding upon and obtaining the best coverage for their organization. (more…)

We were very excited last week to learn that Baker Donelson is #50 on Fortune’s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For – and even more excited that Fortune singled out our commitment to pro bono service as something that makes us such a great company! In moving Baker Donelson up from 77 to 50 on the list, Fortune said: “the 123-year-old law firm has a strong commitment to public service: It dedicates one attorney as its ‘pro bono shareholder’ to oversee charitable legal service and has doubled its yearly number of pro bono hours since 2008.” We’re proud of these accomplishments, particularly because our attorneys and staff identified our commitment as something they love about working here. (more…)

When we think of pro bono legal work, the first image that comes to mind is typically a lawyer representing a low income client in a court proceeding.  Certainly, that’s how a significant amount of pro bono work is done, and where much of the need is found.  But access to justice is not just a case by case issue – it’s a systemic problem, and ultimately, the solutions may be achieved by addressing the problem in a systemic fashion.  That’s where organizations like the Appleseed Network, and their pro bono volunteers, make a tremendous contribution. (more…)

Ever stop to really think for a minute about one of the common plot devices in all the great super hero stories? You know the one I mean – the seemingly ordinary man or woman with a secret identity, whose amazing powers are somehow enabled by dressing in a special suit. Putting aside for now a discussion of why someone who could fly or bend steel bars or whatever would choose to dress up in blue tights or a cap with bat ears – a question for another day – isn’t it funny how the mundane, every day act of changing clothes transforms the person from Average Joe (or Jane) to Super Hero? Once the transformation is accomplished, Superman or Bat Girl or whoever performs amazing feats, fights for justice and the American way, and helps those in need. (more…)